A new kind of company


Taking pleasure in your work brings out the best in people.

For us, collective cognitive intelligence is more then just a simple sum of the individuals who make it up.


Even if we love ‘em, there are not only zombies or post-apocalyptic universes in life!

We also want to be uplifted by science fiction and heroic fantasy.

We aspire to produce games, films, and comics where the future inspires us.

Open to the world

If the richness of other cultures than your own fascinates you, if you too feel like a citizen of the world, then we share your vision!


Hervé Trouillet

CEO / Art direction

Hervé started in a traditional animation studio in 1999 and quickly specialized in new technologies. In 2000, he was one of the founders of the web-TV “Toon’s up”, he explored the boundaries between traditional animation and the newly available digital tools. Thanks to his new approach to the direction and creation of animation, he produced music videos, shorts, and trailers for a wide number of companies (from Jetix, to the opening film of the Annecy festival in 2004). At the age of 32, he had developed a project for a full-length animated film (Citeria) and produced an animated series for France3 and Canal J (Linus & Boom, aka “My Giant Friend” 52 x 13 minute episodes, in co-production with the Korean studio SamG). In 2011, he founded FORGE Animation, one of his main responsibilities is artistic direction.

  • Superpower : Positive energy generator
  • Kryptonite : The word « impossible »
  • Motto : 'A thing always seems impossible until it is done'
  • Favorite Music : Beds are burning, Midnight Oil
  • Favorite Film : The good, the bad and the ugly
  • Favorite Video game : Counter Strike (knife mode)
  • Comics : Batman, Dark knight

Nicolas Romain

Strategy / Transmedia Direction

Nicolas first worked as a professor/researcher in economy and the sociology of work (LEST-CNRS).He then specialized in media and new technology and worked with Hervé Trouillet as the technical director of a web studio in 2000. After which he was a consultant in management and innovation then joining, at the age of 32, the finance and strategy department of a large French company in the maritime sector. Today, as one of the three founders of FORGE Animation, he is head of finance and strategy as well as being responsible for transmedia. Nicolas is also associate professor at the University of Toulon (Ingémedia) and a member of the board of the PRIMI transmedia pole.

  • Superpower : Conceptualization on easal pad
  • Kryptonite : Loosing his glasses
  • Motto : 'It's so complicated to do things simply!'
  • Favorite Music : Again, Archive
  • Favorite Film : Clockwork Orange, Stanley Kubrick
  • Favorite Video game : Assassin's Creed (maritime mission)
  • Comics : Tom Strong

Fabien Baboz

Associate Producer / Technic Direction

Fabien is the founder and director of an animation studio in Paris (Caribara). He was among the first to change production methods by using Flash and other new technologies. For the past 10 years, he has managed the animation production flows (tv series and feature films) and is a major actor in French animation. From the Paris headquarters for his Caribara studio, the expansion of television series productions led him to open offices in Annecy, in Liege (Belgium) and in Montreal. He recently created a production department to produce the new animated series : Astroboy Reboot. He is responsible for technical direction at FORGE animation.

  • Superpower : Philosophy
  • Kryptonite : Hairdressers
  • Motto : 'We create "with", never "against'
  • Favorite Music : The Ode to joy
  • Favorite Film : Superman Returns
  • Favorite Video game : Call of Duty
  • Comics : Gaston Lagaffe

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