A TRANSMEDIA project (Animated Film , video game, comics) adapted from the book « La horde du contrevent » written by Alain DAMASIO and published by LA VOLTE ©2014.

A Sci-Fi universe where the WIND is the main character.

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Abyme is an heroic fantasy novel written by Mathieu Gaborit and published at Mnemos publishing.

It is a magical and mysterious universe where princes, thieves and demons live in the same city...Abyme.

We are developing the project into:
- an animated film 2D/3D
- a multi player online video game .

To Hell with the ugly

To hell with the Ugly is a sexy funny detective story written by Boris Vian and published by Fayard.

Published in 1947, the subjects of the story are surprisingly modern: body transformations, the standardization of beauty, the discovery of sexuality...
A fun Boris Vian and full of irony, and comedy!

In the 50/60's in L.A., a young and handsome 19 year old boy, decides to keep his virginity until he turns 20. But one day he is kidnapped by a crazy old scientist whose plan is to crowd out all the ugly people on the planet, by pushing beautiful people to reproduce themselves.