The Forge Touch

Ethics and cooperation

These are the two pillars upon which Forge Animation was founded.

We do not want to try to convince you that other business philosophies are less legitimate, it is simply what we have chosen to emphasize.

Creation and animation

Situated in Aix-en-Provence, the country of Paul Cézanne, our ambition is to create a living space, a space which allows for the expression of creativity.

For us, animation is an art, born of the art of painting, which today’s children have the opportunity to enjoy, and which we would also like to offer to adults.

Impossible… not!

Producing and creating films and video-games is an extremely difficult undertaking. So if we are going to put all our energies into it, it better be for something we are passionate about. We do not put any limits on our projects! If the content we want to produce is meaningful, then we will find a way to make it happen and give it the visibility it deserves.

A Transmedia Studio

Transmedia is a word which is used a lot but whose definition is often vague. So here is our own definition in the simplest terms possible :

Transmedia = synergies!

Artistic Synergies

We work with artists, digital crafts-people from the world over, to help infuse our creations with international inspiration!

They come from the video-game, film, comic-book, and music industries and they help nourish not just media, but a universe.


Technical Synergies

Technological convergence is not a result of the uniformization of the tools being used, but results from the ability of the men and women who use them to work together. Thus the physical convergence of crafts-people from both video-games and film is the key advantage in our future success, rather then a simple discussion centered around the tools being used.

Marketing Synergies

Working on a global marketing campaign allows us to gain not only in visibility but also in relevance. By developing universes capable of supporting the transmedia approach, Forge gives its partners the opportunity to use and optimize the strengths of each media as they feed into each other.




For the Digital generation

Our films and games are directed at the number one consumers of media.

A non-category

The digital generation cannot really be categorized by age (15-35 year olds) but rather by the way in which they consume media which they have completely changed.

For this generation, digital convergence is a reality and the need for transmedia narration as well as graphical images has become a priority.

International & influencers

Our productions are aimed at an international audience and the stories we develop are universal.

If you actively say what you like to your friends and family, if you think that animation should be for adults too, we are proud to say that we share your vision.

Our Partners