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Title : WindWalkers, Chronicle of the 34th Horde
Titre : WindWalkers, la horde du Contrevent

Animation movie / 3D Stereoscopic / 90 min.
Genre : Science Fiction/Heroic Fantasy
English          Public : 16+

Director / Réalisateur : Jan Kounen
Artistic director / Directeur artistique : Marc Caro

Based on the best selling Frenchcult classic  / Adapté du roman culte :
"La Horde du Contrevent" d'Alain Damasio (ed. La Volte)

Status : Project in development : Design research, Script and Trailer available.



After eight hundred years, there have been 33. 33 Hordes who generation upon generation have failed in their quest to discover the Upper Reaches, and the source of the winds. This is the story of the 34th Horde, and most probably the last.

En huit siècles, il en a existé trente-trois. trente-trois Hordes qui génération après génération ont toutes échoué à découvrir en extrême amont, l’origine du vent. Ceci est l’histoire de la 34ème. Sans doute l’ultime.

Summary / Résumé

Imagine a world buffeted by winds whose force surpass our understanding. Imagine a group of men born to chase those winds until their final breath. Within the deafening noise of the wind, on the Lower Slopes, an elite group of twenty-three children were raised for the sole purpose of facing the ever blowing gusts, climbing up windwards for the rest of their lives. Their sole purpose ; to find the mysterious source of the wind in the Upper Reaches. There have been thirty-three attempts in eight hundred years, and thirty three Hordes that have failed. My name is Sol, scribe. I speak to you today in the name of the thirty-fourth, and most probably the last...

Imaginez une Terre rincée par des vents dont la force dépasse l’entendement. Imaginez des hommes nés pour s’y accrocher jusqu’à leur dernier souffle. Dans ce vacarme incessant, en Extrême-Aval, a été formé un bloc d’élite d’une vingtaine d’hommes aptes à remonter le vent au cran, rafale en gueule et leur vie durant, jusqu’à sa mystérieuse source : l’Extrême-Amont. Il en a existé trente-trois en huit siècles, 33 Hordes qui ont toutes échoué. Mon nom est Sov, scribe. Je vous parle aujourd’hui au nom de la trente-quatrième : sans doute l’ultime…


An epic fantasy for an Animated film

Windwalkers is a feature length 3D animated movie filmed in English. It is a spectacular adventure film mixing 3D realism and 2D graphics, a
cross between hard science fiction and popular fantasy. In this world, the wind is ever-present. It is the ultimate element, both unpredictable and multifarious; it is absurd, magical, and demonic. The Horde represents resistance, the choice of movement and life in the face of immobilism and death.

Animation is one of the more dynamic genres in cinema today, and has broken out of its “children-only” chains to become a mode of expression suitable for adults as well. Animation, married with digital technology, allows for the possibility of portraying fantastical stories and worlds for substantially less cost than the equivalent live action film. Animation is an exceptional narrative genre which can allow well known directors to employ their talents in a different direction, and add a new dimension to their work. The integration of 3D at an an early stage, when the script is still in development, is particularly important in animation.

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