The genesis

The story of WINDWALKERS has been written by the french author Alain Damasio.

Published in 2004 in France under the name « LA HORDE DU CONTREVENT », the novel received an extraordinary welcome and quickly became a success in the french bookstores. It is now ranking among the 20 Sci-Fi masterpieces of the french modern literature.

Born in 1969 in Lyon, Alain Damasio is a committed writer, convinced that science-fiction can say and change the world. He reached a considerable critical and popular success with his novel  “La Horde du Contrevent”, Grand Prix de l’Imaginaire 2006, and as a scriptwriter too for the AAA game “Remember Me”. Co-founder of the video games company DONTNOD, he is as well President of a CNC Commission since 2013, and received a digital creation Award from the SACD (French Society of Dramatic Authors and Composers) in 2014.


Windwalkers is an epic, poetic, fantastic story that takes your breath away. It is a wonderful adventure about movement and friendships.

An ode to resistance, freedom, and willpower as well as an internal voyage of self-discovery.

It is actually more then just a story, it is our story…the story of the world…

Imagine a world buffeted by winds whose force surpass our understanding. Imagine a group of men & women, the Horde, born to chase those winds until their final breath. At the very end of this world there is one city, where each generation, an elite group of twenty-three children is raised and trained, to oppose the wind, and walk windwards, their entire life, with the sole purpose of finding the mysterious source of the winds. There have been thirty-three attempts in eight hundred years, thirty three Hordes that have failed. Here is the story of the thirty-fourth, and most probably the last…


The Windwalkers project is a transmedia adaptation of the book “La Horde du Contrevent”, where none of the individual parts, the film, video-game, or the comic books, can be considered a derivative product. All three productions bring a different facet of the universe to life.

Our aim is to produce an original project that will define the contours of a new way of providing entertainment through fully integrated transmedia production.

To develop this universe we’ve been working with talents from all around the world:

DESIGN : George Hull (Cloud Atlas, Matrix…), Oscar Chichoni (the Hobbit…), Yoshitaka Amano (Final Fantasy), Frédérique Perrin (The beast and the beauty…), Kōji Morimoto (Animatrix), Kusanagi (Detective Conan)…

MUSIC: Starwalker (Jean-Benoit Dunkel/AIR, Bardi Johansson), Guillaume Roussel,…

WRITING: Alain Damasio, Iris Yamashita (Letters from Iwo Jima),…


The movie

A “movie” is something you want to be touched by.

The film will allow viewers to experience the original story and follow the characters and the adventures of the 34th Horde.

The story is about an epic journey against all odds, but it is also a story of the individuals within the group and what keeps them united and alive despite the mortal dangers along their path.

The goal of the film is to bring to audiences an unforgettable visual and narrative experience. We will enter the life of Sol the Scribe, Oroshi the Aeromaster, Golgoth the Path finder, Gambol the Minstrel, and follow them along their journey…at least part of their complete journey…

The video game

A “game” is something you want to play with.

The events of the game are set far before the events of the film or book. The Horde has yet to create any strategy or tactics in order to survive the Wind, needing these skills to be forged.

Windwalker‘s gameplay could best be described as a “third-person hardcore action-RPG” but we like to say that this game is more of an “Action / Survival / Adventure.”

ACTION and reactiveness will be priority. SURVIVAL will be your challenge. ADVENTURE is the only thing you know of this world.

Will you and your friends become the first Horde to make it to the source of the winds?


A “comics” is something that allows you to keep a story near you.

3 different comic book series are developed:

– The American format series (soft-cover) will focus on the individual characters from the novel, with each book in the series dedicated to one of the characters (main and secondary) of the novel. We will get a closer and more intimate look at the characters of the film. Codes will be placed inside the comics giving access to bonus material in the video-game. Information found within the comics will also provide playing tips and hints for the game.

– The European format series (hard-cover) will be a direct adaptation of the film into comic format, bringing with it a different interpretation of the same story.

– The japanese format (Mangas) will introduce the characters of the movie when they were young. The way they have been trained, the way they have linked to each others.